Kangar Hotel and Homestay is established with the aim of providing a comfortable place for tourists to stay while they are on holiday. Located in Kangar, Perlis. Its strategic location makes it easier for tourists to come on over. 

It gives convenience to tourists in terms of quality services, room rates and also in-house facilities. We take note that comfort is the most important thing for tourists that stay with us. Therefore we strive to give the very best service to our guests so that they leave here feeling happy, excited and well-rested.

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Kangar Hotel and Homestay

Kangar Hotel and Homestay is located in Kangar, Perlis. We provide homestay and hotel accommodation for tourists to stay while they are on holiday in Malaysia. Our accommodation are nearby night markets, petrol station, KFC, Mosque and 7 Eleven, making it the ideal place to stay.

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Kangar Hotel (O)04-9767225 / (F)04-9767225 kangarhotel@ymail.com